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Thursday, May 17, 2018

Why Scoliosis occurs, Start Your Child's Scoliosis Treatment Today with Dr. Sajan K Hegde

Why Scoliosis occurs or happen:

Scoliosis is a neuro-muscular condition motivated through other elements, even though it seems to be a bone condition. The three-dimensional change in the spine's alignment — the curve — is a just a symptom of the condition. That is why this multi-factorial condition has challenged health care professionals worldwide for centuries. Scoliosis occurs most often in children age 10 to 14. Scoliosis is a broad term which may describe a spinal curve of 15 degrees or more than 50 degrees. The curve takes place at one-of-a-kind points of the spine in every case, and may or won't tilt the pelvis. The condition is progressive in most cases.

What to expect during consultation with Dr. Sajan K Hegde scoliosis surgeon in Chennai?

Dr Sajan K hedge | Scoliosis Specialist | Types of Scoliosis

Dr. Sajan K Hegde scoliosis surgeon Chennai is expert in diagnosing and relieving scoliosis pain. Before he can treat your pain, he needs to understand your condition. By locating the underlying cause of your symptoms first, Dr. Sajan K Hegde best scoliosis surgeon India avoids unnecessary treatments, save time and money, and delivers the relief you need as quickly as possible. During your visit, Dr. Sajan K Hegde top spine surgeon at Apollo Hospital Chennai will go over your medical history and may perform X-rays to confirm your condition. While his goal is to help you avoid surgical intervention, at times it may be necessary. Dr. Sajan K Hegde scoliosis surgeon in Chennai will help educate you on your condition, and address your pain.

Comprehensive scoliosis care for children and adults by Dr. Sajan K Hegde

Dr. Sajan K Hegde best scoliosis surgeon India has pioneered the development and promotion of minimally invasive scoliosis surgery throughout India and the world.  Over the past 12 years, Dr. Sajan K Hegde at Apollo Hospital has refined a minimally invasive approach to achieve similar outcomes to traditional deformity correction with less postoperative complications and faster recovery for his patients.  Dr. Sajan K Hegde top spine doctor at apollo hospital Chennai combines several minimally invasive strategies to obtain circumferential scoliosis reconstruction.

Dr. Sajan K Hegde best scoliosis surgeon India helping to correct structural spine issues

Dr. Sajan K Hegde best scoliosis surgeon in India offer ongoing support and services for your child and family. He is committed to partnering with you to provide the most current, comprehensive and specialized care possible for your child. Dr. Sajan K Hegde scoliosis surgeon in Chennai recognizes that not every parent feels comfortable choosing spinal surgery as a treatment for their child, and that not every person with scoliosis wants to have surgery.  Dr. Sajan K Hegde best scoliosis surgeon in India is happy to provide an alternative. If, for any reason, treatment isn't always successful in reaching the results you expected, surgical procedure is usually available as a choice down the street.

Why choose spine and neurosurgery service India?

Spine and neurosurgery service India facilitates the connection between India’s internationally reputed hospitals and you our patient and client. The service that spine and neurosurgery service India offers is essentially ‘Peace of Mind’. We take care of all of your needs in India so you can focus entirely on healing yourself at lightning speed. While with us we will treat you as our extended family while you are in India, we do our best to make you feel right at home. Our expertise and experience in the medical industry provide you with only the best possible health solution at an astonishing price. India, being a hub of expert clinical remedies, earns many accolades due to its chain of brilliant healthcare facilities and relatively qualified and experienced doctors. When it comes to medical aid we know what you want and expect i.e. the best possible treatment and doctors. Spine and neurosurgery service India ensures you reach them at significantly lower costs. We believe a speedy recovery is directly related to your peace of mind. 

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