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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Yoga Practice after Surgery: Know the Facts!

What Is Yoga?

Yoga comes from the Sanskrit Word “Yuj” which means the union of an individual and the universal consciousness. Often when we hear or read yoga we visualize an image of twisting in apparently painful positions. Although postures or asanas are significant part of the teachings of yoga they are not all to the yoga.

Yoga has different schools of philosophy including Hatha Yoga that comprises of the asanas. It promotes both physical and mental well-being through medium of postures. It provides an individual with the physical fitness; other yoga types empower us with devotion, wisdom, etc. During ancient times it was taught to students in Gurukul after they pass a rigorous test.

Nowadays, yoga is being associated with only the physical postures wherein the vital teachings of yoga are maintaining a unanimous state of mind.  As per Bhagavad Gita, the holy book of the Hindus, “Yoga is skill in action and expression”.

Let us try to unravel the mysteries about yoga as the world is gearing up to celebrate the first ever International Day of Yoga.

World Yoga Day:

Over the past few decades, yoga had gone through complete transformation for once it was frowned upon but now accepted as one of the best natural therapies. The benefits of yoga have been noticed in the international community as well. Yoga is not simply an exercise but it is how skillfully we act and communicate in a given situation. Hence it is described as a mind skill and the ability to remain centered even in adverse situations. The postures contribute to healthy body and meditation or pranayama gives you healthy mind.  Hence yoga contributes to uniting the diverse aspects of life.

The United Nations has passed a resolution by declaring June 21st as the International Yoga Day on December 11, 2014. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his speech suggested 21st June to be celebrated as World Yoga Day because as per the Hindu Mythology, the first transmission of yoga began on this day. The first transmission was performed by Lord Shiva, the first Guru.

Yoga after Surgery: Is it Safe?

Yoga after surgery can be dangerous, so it is advised to go ahead with yoga after consulting your doctor. Yoga may cause excessive physical strain on your body and so you should wait for few weeks after surgery and then resume yoga. However, you can move ahead with meditation poses of yoga without much harm. It is suggested to avoid straining your body with excessive physical routine so that you avoid fatal injury. Check with your yoga instructor regarding safe asanas you can perform post surgery.

Practicing yoga involves physical and mental activities that train both your mind and body effectively. Surgery comprises of the infliction of a physical wound for accessing some internal organs of your body that requires treatment or removal of abnormal cells or repairs the damages.   

Performing yoga after surgery will entirely depend on the type of surgery that has been performed. For example, if the surgery has been performed on one of the lower limbs, then you can practice all the seated yoga poses. This will help work out for your upper body part. If you had undergone surgery for abdomen or chest, then there is little yoga you can do for a period of weeks until your surgical wound has healed completely.

Therefore, it is important to consult your doctor to figure out which part of your body can be exercised. Some people will be restricted to breathing exercises or basic poses during recovery period of surgery. You should strictly avoid extreme poses of yoga post surgery else could end up damaging your surgical wound. Eventually, this would lengthen your recovery period.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Yoga after Surgery:

  • Advantages of yoga after surgery can be seen in patients who have undergone procedures like hemorrhoidectomy or a tummy tuck.
  • Y Yoga involving Vinayasa and Ashtanga greatly helps to improve your blood circulation which reduces the risk of blood clots after surgery. While performing the Vinayasa poses you should avoid exerting pressure on the operated area of your body.
  • Breathing techniques practiced in pranayama are quite helpful to lightly engage the abdominal muscles for improving the blood circulation. This will eventually help to reduce the swelling after surgery.
  • Advantages of yoga post surgery can be seen in case of a hemorrhoidectomy by regularly performing breathing exercises. One of the breathing exercises Mool Bandh involves squeezing your anal muscles. Patients practicing this technique usually recover sooner.
  • Patients are advised to practice yoga after surgery under the guidance of a trained professional.
  • The only disadvantage of performing other yoga post surgery includes not able to practice some strenuous forms of yoga.
  • Patients can find difficulty in performing the fast breathing techniques or Bikram yoga especially if they have gone through the abdominal surgeries. This can cause unnecessary strain ion the operated area and in worst case cause post surgery complications.
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Monday, June 15, 2015

Separate Department for Medical Tourism Soon as Patients Flock to Desi Hospitals

India is fast becoming a popular medical tourism destination. Out of the 41,000 Iraqi tourists visited the country in 2013, over 53 per cent came here for medical treatment.

Similarly, 45 per cent of Afghanis and 45 per cent of Nigerians came here for similar reasons. Between 2009 and 2013, the number of foreign tourists coming to India for medical purposes doubled.

Encouraged by the response of foreign tourists visiting India for world-class medical treatment available here at much lower rates, the Indian government is setting up a separate body for medical tourism.

“We will soon be setting up a separate department in the ministry to act as coordinating office to provide help to the medical tourists visiting the country. It would include ministry officials and stakeholders like those from hospitals, hospitality industry, tour operators,” Tourism Minister Mahesh Sharma told Express.

He said the announcement in this regard would be made in the next few days.

“India is an affordable destination for people looking for best medical facilities at 1/8th cost of that available in some advanced countries. Even in countries like the US and the UK, Indian doctors are considered the best,” Sharma said.

A Lok Sabha MP from Gautam Budh Nagar, Sharma himself is a trained medical doctor and chairman of Kailash Health Care, which runs a chain of super-and multi-speciality hospitals.

The celebration of International Yoga Day has brought the focus on Indian system of medicine, particularly the alternative stream, which includes Ayurveda and holistic wellness. Sharma says the Ministry of AYUSH and Health, too, will join in the new initiative planned by his ministry.

Globally, medical value travel is a $10.5 billion industry estimated to grow to $32.5 billion over the next five years at compound annual growth rate of 17.9 per cent. India certainly wants a lion’s share of this pie.

However, it faces stiff competition from better organised rivals. “Countries like the US, Turkey, Japan and smaller ones like Jordan, Croatia, Costa Rica and Malaysia are extremely organised in promoting themselves for medical travel,” says a recently released report by global consultancy firm KPMG.

However, in contrast, India is fragmented in its approach as only individual hospitals have been promoting themselves as medical tourism destinations,” the report stated.

In 2012, India received 1.7 lakh foreign tourists, who came here for medical treatment, while Thailand received 25.30 lakh medical tourists, thus indicating what a better-planned approach can do. Popular medical tourism destinations in India are Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, New Delhi, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra.

In a recent statement, Sharma said that the wellness industry was growing by 30 per cent in India.

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Saturday, June 6, 2015

Best Cosmetic Surgery 2015 With ForeRunners Healthcare India

ForeRunners Healthcare India offer the best cosmetic surgery at affordable costs. India has talented pool of cosmetic surgeons who are professionally trained and specialized in cosmetic surgery. The availability of the best facilities and highly developed infrastructure in India at relatively low cost makes it an ideal destination for patients requiring cosmetic surgery.

ForeRunners Healthcare Cosmetic Surgery Success Rate 
The success rate of patients undergoing cosmetic surgery through ForeRunners Healthcare is very high. Mostly the success rate for cosmetic surgery depends on factors such as the overall health of the patient, the previous conditions, the type of procedure to be performed as well as the experience of the surgeon.

Patients involving with ForeRunners Healthcare - Statistics
The popularity for cosmetic surgery can be estimated by the statistics that shows there has been a significant increase of 175% in the total number of surgeries conducted from 2010 to 2015. Every year, millions of American individuals undergo cosmetic plastic surgery and it is estimated that about 58% men and 73% women are more affirmative about cosmetic surgery with ForeRunners healthcare.

The patients who had done cosmetic facial surgery in India have positive experience with ForeRunners Healthcare group as it offers affordable packages for cosmetic facial surgery. Patients were convinced with the quality, facilities and cost offered by hospitals in India.

Why to choose ForeRunners Healthcare India:
The top reasons why you should choose ForeRunners Healthcare India for cosmetic surgery is due to the excellent facilities for the surgery at the reasonable costs.

1. Cost Comparisons All over the globe for Cosmetic Surgery
The United States of America tops in-demand for cosmetic surgeries. However, the costs required to undergo these surgeries ranges from 40,000 USD to 80,000 USD. On the other hand, India offers cosmetic surgeries at lesser price ranging 15,000 USD to 18000 USD. 

Hence, the international medical tourist traveling to India for undergoing cosmetic surgery are assured that they get excellent treatments at reasonable prices compared to the first class world countries.

2. Facilities Provided for Cosmetic Surgery
ForeRunners Healthcare India assures that international medical tourists get excellent results with cosmetic surgery. The availability of highly skilled local doctors, highly developed healthcare facilities designed to accommodate international visitors make your medical tour a memorable one.

About ForeRunners Healthcare India:
ForeRunners Healthcare India offers the best medical treatment at reasonable price. As India has become the lucrative destination for people waiting to undergo treatments, this place offers world class medical facilities at competitive charges for treatment. For more information, visit:

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