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Friday, January 20, 2017

Liver Transplant India: Procedure, Packages and Medical Assistance

Liver Transplant Overview

A liver transplant is a major surgical procedure in India in which the damaged or diseased liver will be replaced with a healthy liver. This procedure is demanding and time consuming. It is performed in case of end stage liver disease or an acute liver failure.

Who might Need a Liver transplant?

Persons suffering from irreversible acute or chronic liver disease need a liver transplant. The decision to begin the process to determine whether you are a candidate should be taken seriously. Besides determining the candidacy, it is vital to consider the physical, emotional and financial aspects of a transplant. The two main considerations for who need a liver transplant are:

  • Those people whose condition will benefit from a liver transplant
  • For those whom surgery would do more good than harm

How to Perform Liver Transplant Surgery

Usually, the liver transplant surgery takes between five to six hours. It may take longer or shorter due to the difficulty of the operation and the experience of the surgeon. The liver transplant surgery is done under a general anesthesia. Before the liver transplant surgery, a tube will be placed through the mouth of the patient into the windpipe. This will help breathe during the liver transplant surgery. 

Then a Y-shaped incision is made in the abdomen and the diseased liver is removed. A donated liver will then be inserted and attached to the major blood vessels and to the bile ducts. Then the incision is closed at the end of surgery. The liver transplant surgery can take up to 12 hours for performing successfully.

Who Donate the Liver

Liver transplant surgery can be performed with the help of two types of donors. 

  • Deceased liver donor: The liver transplant surgery can be done with a deceased donor from someone who has died. A large majority of liver transplant surgery uses the entire liver from a non-living donor for the transplant, particularly for adult recipients.
  • Living donor: Usually, a living donor is someone in the family or a close friend.

Cost of Liver Transplant surgery in India

The cost of liver transplant surgery in India allows patients of every class from every part of the globe to get their surgery and medical care that suits their pocket. Everything from finding a donor and performing the liver transplant surgery to the prolonged recovery period and lifelong medication, adds to the cost of the surgery. This could make it difficult for some people to afford the liver transplant surgery.

Hospitals in India are considered as a perfect destination for the medical tourism industry as it combines health treatment along with visit to some of the most alluring and awe-inspiring places in the globe at the economical prices.

The other costs for the liver transplant surgery in India are:

  • Extensive lab tests
  • Recovery and in-hospital stay
  • Fees for the transplant surgeons and the operating room personnel
  • Anesthesia
  • Transplantation to the hospital
  • Organ recovery
  • Lodging, transportation and food for family members while the patient has been hospitalized
  • Patient lodging following discharge
  • Physical therapy and rehabilitation
  • Anti-rejection drugs and other medications

Find Surgeons at Mumbai and Delhi

There are many renowned surgeons at Mumbai and Delhi having a vast experience to perform liver transplant in India. Dr. Ravi Mohanka, Dr. Rakesh Rai, Dr. Dr. Vivek Vij and Dr. Samir Shah are surgeons at Mumbai. Dr. Arvinder Singh Soin, Dr. V P Bhalla, Dr. Snajiv Saigal, Dr. Avinsh Seth, Dr. Subash Gupta, Dr. Sanjay Singh Negi, Dr. Anupam Saha are surgeons at Delhi. You can contact Forerunners Healthcare to get your appointment from the surgeons in Mumbai and Delhi.

Medical Assistance

Forerunners Healthcare provides medical assistance to the patients from abroad seeking their liver transplantation in India. We have association with the best surgeons who perform the liver transplant surgery through cutting edge clinical solutions, extraordinary patient care, research and infrastructure of the world class standards. A liver transplant surgery is a complex procedure and need highly skilled consultants, ingenious technical staff with enormous dedication and team work. Mail your medical reports to us to find the best surgeon for you. 

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