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Friday, February 17, 2017

500-kg Egyptian, Eman Ahmed Reaches Mumbai from Egypt on Feb 11 for Weight Loss Surgery

Eman Ahmed, landed at a hospital for weight reduction treatment in Mumbai on Saturday.
Eman Ahmed, 500-kg Egyptian who is termed as the heaviest women in the world, reaches Mumbai for weight loss. She landed in Mumbai on Saturday for her weight reduction treatment at a local facility. The 36 year old landed at Mumbai International airport at around 4am. She was lifted with the help of a crane along with the bed on which she laid while travelling. The she was taken to the hospital on a special bed that was created to transport her.
Ms. Ahmed who has not moved out of her house for 25 years, who would be under observation for approximately a month prior to undergoing the surgery. Currently, she is under the care of a city based bariatric surgeon, Dr. Muffazal Lakdawala and his team of doctors. The doctors have been treating the 36 year old for almost three months and took the necessary precautions for the transportation of the bed-bound Eman from Alexandria city in Egypt.
The 36 year old Eman Ahmed, possibly the heaviest woman in the world at 500 kg has arrived in Mumbai on the wee hours of Saturday. A special crane was being used by the hospital to carry her bed inside the structure. And this was being prepared as per her treatment needs. The modified Airbus 300-600 of Egyptair landed on 4:10 am as per schedule. Along with her sister, Eman existed from gate number 5, which is a cargo section of the international airport. Then the officials loaded the specifically designed bed of Eman on an open truck that was escorted by the ambulance and police van to Saifee Hospital.

A specially equipped EgyptAir freighter flying her in from Cairo

She came along with her sister, Shaimaa Ahmed. In order to prepare her for the flight, the team of doctors have been in Egypt for the past 10 days to optimize her conditions for travel as she is so heavy and not moved for the last 25 years. She is at high risk for a pulmonary embolism and therefore put on the blood thinners to try and minimize her changes of an eventuality during transfer. The flight was furnished with all the required equipments in case of an emergency such as portable defibrillator, portable ventilator, oxygen cylinders and other safety drugs. She was being transported by a fully equipped truck followed by an ambulance and a police escort to Saifee Hospital Mumbai for weight loss surgery.
As per the doctors from the hospital, Eman’s journey took five hours to reach Mumbai from her hometown in Egypt. No medical complications occurred during the flight and two doctors had accompanied her from Egypt to India. The top officials including Egyptian consulate general Ahmed Khalil were present at the spot until Eman was safely being admitted in the hospital.
At the Mumbai airport, Eman was lifted by a crane from Egypt air plane and placed in a special mini truck.
Considering the special needs, a crane was called to lift her bed to the first floor of the hospital to a social facility that was designed for her especially for her treatments and surgical interventions. The bed had hooks on all sides such that it could be lifted with the help of sturdy ropes. Officials from the hospital said that Eman was safely admitted in the hospital as soon as the extensive line of treatment is slated to continue for the next six months that include several surgeries
Eman was accompanied by Kamlesh Bohra, Senior Intensivist at Deparment of Critical and Intensive Care at Saifee Hospital, Mumbai and Aparna Govil Bhasker, an advanced laparoscopic and bariatric surgeon at Centre of Obesity and Digestive Surgery as well as Head of Department of Bariatric Surgery at Saifee Hospital. 

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