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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Cornea Transplant - What You Should Know?


Liver Transplant - What You Should Know?

Liver transplantation or hepatic transplantation is the replacement of a diseased liver with some or all of a healthy liver from another person (allograft). The most commonly used technique is orthotopic transplantation, in which the native liver is removed and replaced by the donor organ in the same anatomic location as the original liver.

 About the Donor
 There are two types of donors for liver transplant :-

1) Live Donor- As the name suggests, a live donor is a living person who is healthy. In India, the law says that the donor should be a close blood relative of the patient.

2) Cadeveric Donor- A cadaver is a brain dead person. Donation of liver is possible if the family member of the person wishes to donate the liver before the life support is discontinues.

Such donation is possible from a brain dead person whose family wishes to donate the person's organs before discontinuing life support. This situation arises only in a hospital ICU in a person after brain injury in an accident or in someone who has suffered fatal brain hemorrhage etc. In these circumstances, the whole liver can be used for an adult, and a part of it for a child. After removal from the donor (a process called liver retrieval) the liver can safely be kept preserved outside the body in special preservation solutions for 12-15 hours. Allocation of such organs is strictly according to blood group which must match, time on waiting list and urgency of requirement.

A liver transplant surgery starts with a detailed evaluation and a battery of tests for both the recipient and the donor. The evaluation of the recipient is done in three phases to establish definite diagnosis, determine the severity of liver disease and the urgency of the transplant. The functioning of all the vital organs is properly checked.

Before the liver transplant procedure the patient, donor and other family members are counselled about the procedure, hospital stay, the likely course after surgery, follow up and aftercare in order to help them to make up their mind and understand the process thoroughly. 

Best liver transplant surgeons in India who have many years of experience in performing liver transplant surgery with the survival rates among the best in the world.

The facilities where the transplant is performed are state of the art facilities with latest technology you would find anywhere in the world. These facilities are considered to be among the best liver transplant hospitals in India.

It costs a fraction of amount to get the liver transplant in India than what you would pay in a western country. The facilities and surgeons are as good as what you would get in any developed nation and we would make sure that you concentrate only on your treatment and recovery and we would take care of the rest.

Kidney Transplant - What You Should Know?

Overview of Kidney Transplant

Kidney transplant at India is being regarded as a top notch solution to solve the problem of kidney failure. Kidney transplant is concerned with the transplants of a kidney into a patient with end stage kidney disease. End stage kidney failure occurs due to various reasons like blood pressure and diabetes. Transplant of kidneys is also known as renal transplantation. Kidneys help in the removal of excess fluids and wastes from the human blood. Whenever kidneys lose their ability to filter waste fluids then dangerous wastes accumulates in your body. This condition is known as kidney failure. In such situations a kidney transplant the only option in such situations. Kidney transplants are the most commonly used transplant operations. In these operations only one donated kidney is required to replace two defective kidneys.

Who is an eligible candidate for kidney transplantation?  
Kidney transplant remains as the most preferred treatment for most patients with end stage renal disease. Here it does not matter what is the cause of kidney failure. Any individual with ESRD is a potential transplant candidate. In order to receive an eligible kidney transplant you don’t have to be on dialysis or evaluation. Candidates applying for a kidney transplant should have an adequate heart lung function and should be free from various kinds of medical conditions. These conditions pose a limit to the expectancy of life. As a patient you will have to work closely with the medical team to enhance the benefit and cut off the risks of kidney transplant. Kidney transplant needs a lifelong commitment to taking medications and to have regular contact with the physician. Patients should also understand and be willing to take on his responsibility.

Who is not a candidate for kidney transplantation?
A kidney transplant is not recommended for the following candidates:
  •  kidney transplant is not for those candidates who suffer from diseases like Osteomyelitis and TB.
  •  Those candidates who face difficulties in taking medications several times each day.
  •  Candidates who suffer from the disease of heart, lungs and liver.
  • Candidates who suffer from other life threatening diseases.
  • Candidates who suffer from infections like hepatitis.
  •  Candidates who smoke and drink. Those who have a risky life style.    
Who are ideal donors for kidney transplants?
All donors have to be carefully screened to make sure that there is a suitable match and no accidental transfer of diseases takes place between the donor and the acceptors: The kidney from transplantations comes from two sources:
  • Living donors: Living donors are usually those persons who belong to our family and sometimes one’s life partner or spouse.
  •   Deceased donors: The kidneys from deceased donors are those kidneys that have been donated by people who have willed their kidneys to get donated before their death by signing organ and donor cards. 

How to prepare for kidney transplantation:
Following steps should be taken for kidney transplantation:
  •   The patient has to follow the diet that has been advised by the kidney transplant team.
  •   Patient has to refrain from smoking and alcohol.
  • The kidney transplant team may recommend exercise program. The patient has to follow this exercise program.
  •  Transplant team may recommend a weight losing exercise program. The patient has to follow this program.
  • Certain kind of medicines may be prescribed before kidney transplant surgeon. The patient has to take these medications till recovery period. 
Scope of kidney transplant in India:
Kidney transplant in India is now being performed as a cutting edge solution that has been well supported with modern infrastructure.  This solution has addressed concerns of many patients and has helped them to get freedom from complex and most end stage kidney disorders. Kidney transplant at Indian urology hospitals is being performed by highly skilled surgeons who are aware of the advanced technology. These Indian surgeons work with perfect harmony with their patients. The medical team of these surgeons understands the need of their patients it is for this reason that this team offers a non stop solution to all patients who require complex surgical procedures like kidney transplantation. Patients coming from foreign destinations can reap a lot of benefit through low cost kidney transplant in India .

About the company:
Forerunners healthcare is one of the most leading and top notch healthcare providers in India.  It provides the best medical treatment and healthcare provisions through its associated hospitals and surgeons. “Good quality medical treatment at affordable prices” is the primary slogan of Forerunners Healthcare for its patients. You can know more in this concern by sending your queries at: 
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