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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Assistance to patients from Angola for Valuable Fibroid Surgery in India with Forerunners

Healthcare statistics in Angola

The healthcare in Angola is rated worst in the world with only a fraction of the population receiving even the rudimentary medical attention. As per USAID, the Angolan Government has not had much success to develop an effective healthcare system since the end of the 27-year old Angolan Civil War in 2002. During the way around 1 million people were killed and 4.5 million people become internally displaced, 450,000 fled from the country as refugees. The lack of infrastructure and rapid urbanization in the country has resulted into the government being unable to promote healthcare programs that could effectively address the basic needs of the people. 

Why patients from Angola searching medical treatment in abroad
Healthcare is not available for many people in Angola. The larger problems such as the shortage of doctors, disparities between the rural and the urban primary care availability and the destruction of the healthcare facilities throughout the country are the main reasons why patients from Angola are searching for their medical treatment abroad. Angola has very few physicians to attend to the medical needs of the population. As per the estimation, there are about 0.08 physicians per 1,000 people in Angola. All this is due to the length of the Angolan Civil war in which nearly an entire generation of Angolans were not given the opportunity to receive any education. And this in turn has led to a dramatic decrease of the health workers and also added to the poor maternal health problem.

The healthcare system has felt the social effects of the way since a large number of people were unable to receive education during that time. Today, the educated medical personnel's are not able to be filled as the population of Angola has lost nearly an entire generation of educated personnel's in the war. This education gap has repercussions that have been felt throughout the society, especially in the healthcare field.

Best Service provider Forerunners Healthcare

The best service provider Forerunners Healthcare is the first government registered health tourism company in India providing a vast range of medical and healthcare services at low cost. We are world renowned to provide assistance to the patients from Angola for the Cost affordable fibroid surgery in India. our close ties with the top hospitals located across various cities in India have the hi-tech equipment's, skilled doctors, state of the art comforts and facilities, compassionate, caring and dedicated nurses. We understand your doubts and anxieties about the valuable fibroid surgery in India and hence bring to your the most experienced and skilled team of healthcare professionals. We take complete care of our patients while they travel to India from Angola for their valuable fibroid surgery

 Benefits in India

  • Affordable Cost: We offer the affordable cost valuable fibroid surgery in India for our patients from Angola. You need not have to spend excess on your health and can use the money on a cozy and comfortable getaway.

  • Expert Medical Professionals: The benefit of getting the valuable fibroid surgery in India with Forerunners will ensure you get it from our expert medical professionals who provide utmost care to maintain ethics in meeting the needs of our patients from Angola.

  • World class Medical System: We have world class medical system providing patient medical case analysis, conducting diagnostic tests, providing appropriate medical treatment options, non-conventional therapies, hospitalization arrangements, etc. Our associate hospitals have certifications, highly trained and skilled panel of doctors with vast experience in the critical surgeries and procedures they perform.


The Forerunners Healthcare Consultants in India provides highest quality healthcare facilities coupled with personalized care and hospitality to meet the requirements of the international patients visiting for the medical treatments. We also provide assistance to the patients from Angola for valuable fibroid surgery in India. If you are seeking complete medical service assistance at specialized medical center at the low cost, then contact Forerunners Healthcare Consultants in India. To avail our services, send your inquiry by filling the form on our website and our executives will revert with the required details for further interaction. or email us at :