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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Go with Forerunners Healthcare: Your Medical Tourism Consultant in India


Are you looking for excellent medical treatments and services at affordable prices? Go with Forerunners Healthcare, a leading medical tourism consultant in India offering assistance to the medical tourists from across the globe seeking affordable cost medical treatments in India. A Forerunners Healthcare consultant offers a vast range of medical as well as healthcare services at highly affordable prices. Our group is world renowned to offer the best obesity surgery in India and the best cancer treatment in India.

We have close ties with the most reputed hospitals located at different cities across India that have state of the art comforts, hi-tech equipment's and facilities, highly skilled, qualified medical professionals and compassionate and dedicated nurses. Since we completely understand all your doubts, worries and anxieties in getting your treatments or surgery from abroad, therefore we bring to you the most skilled and experienced team of doctors, surgeons and other healthcare professionals in India. Since are hospitals are stretched over 15 cities across India we take pride to provide you with the highest quality medical services and care from over 5000 healthcare experts. 

Advantages of Planning your surgeries and treatments with Forerunners Healthcare Consultants in India

The advantages of planning your treatments and surgeries with Forerunners Healthcare Consultants in India are:

  • We provide affordable price for the surgeries and treatments in India when compared to the cost of the same in the developed countries.
  • We offer the medical treatment packages for the surgical as well as the non-surgical healthcare in India to the global patients combined with recuperative holidays.
  • We offer excellent medical care to the patients by providing them thorough analysis, offering appropriate medical treatment options, hospitalization arrangements, conduct diagnostic tests, non-conventional therapies such as flower therapy, Ayurveda, aroma therapy, etc. 
  • We understand the importance of reliability and hence work hard to gain confidence of our patients. Hence we have adopted tract quality control checks at various aspects of our services.
  • We offer each of our global patients with a bilingual personal concierge who meets them at the airport on their arrival and assists them throughout their entire medical trip to India.
  • Our panel of highly qualified doctors, surgeons and consultants are well trained and experts in their fields. Majority of them have graduated from the top UK and US universities with ample of experience in the critical procedures and surgeries.
  • Our associated hospitals have state of the art infrastructure, excellent and highly experienced panel of doctors, certifications and a vast experience in specific healthcare segments.
  • We also offer a number of value added services such as provision of foreign currency exchange, interpreter assistance, internet availability, local and international mobile number connectivity,  etc.
  • We also provide arrangement for travel, hotel reservations, organize leisure tours for the patients and their accompanied family members or friends, transfers and conveyance, private trips and customized journeys to various exotic places in India.
Dedicated patients can contact us at : Inquiry Form

  Why Choose Forerunners Healthcare Consultants in India?

Forerunners Healthcare Consultants in India take complete care of the patients from abroad traveling to India seeking affordable cost medical services and treatments. Our medical tourism consultant in India is established a name in the best health tourism provider in India. Our group is a complete medical service provider of the international standard in specialized medical center. We arrange and facilitate the hotel accommodation, flight ticket booking and schedule your surgery. Additionally we also provide complete transportation services, tourist assistance to the global patients as well as their attendants, etc. 

With the expertise to provide the best of medical healthcare facilities at the right time and cost, we offer our patients with excellent services as per their needs. In order to meet the every growing demand of the globe, we expand our network and adhere to the international standards in specialized medical centers offering cost effective services. 

Please visit our website and send your required queries to us so that we will offer you the best possible solutions for your health and medical travel. We will ensure that your medical trip is trouble-free and peaceful so that you return back to your native country contended.  

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