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Thursday, July 6, 2017

7 Great points How India is Best Destination for your Medical Treatments


India is a huge magnet attracting global patients for their medical treatments. With the general tourism on rise, it is estimated that the volume of medical tourists around the globe could reach over 8 million by 2018, hence attract additional visitors to India. Medical tourism of health and wellness tourism refers to the industry where in people from worldwide travel to other countries for their medical and surgical care and at the same time visit the local attractions of the country. 

Choosing India as the best destination for your medical treatments is not tough. Some of the 7 great points on how India is the best destination for medical treatments. Some of these points have been based on the feedback and words from patients across the globe. Let us now check the 7 great points of medical tourism in India and how it is the best destination for your medical treatments.

7 Great points How India is Best Destination for Medical Treatments

  1. Internationally Accredited Hospitals
Indian healthcare industry takes pride with over 21 JCI, 266 plus NABH Accreditation, ISO certifications and other medical certifications. Most of them subjected their premises and system to the most rigorous classification by applying for the certification and accreditation assessed by a qualified standards organization or facility for determining if it meets the set of standards and requirements designed to improve the quality of patient care. This voluntary process offers a tangible and visible commitment by the hospital to continually ensure a safe environment for the patients and staff. 

  1. Cost Savings
The cost of medical treatments in India is significantly low as compared to identical treatments in the developed world. Hence, medical treatments in India are less expensive than elsewhere in the world. Almost every medical treatment is about 50 to 80% less expensive in India than other developed nations thereby result to enormous cost savings. 

  1. No Waiting List
One of the greatest advantages to receive the medical treatment in India is the ease with appointments for medical treatments can be arranged with Forerunners Healthcare Consultants. Our associated hospitals have numerous operating theatres and qualified surgeons which makes the entire process friendlier for patients zeroing the waiting time even for the most complex and invasive procedures. 

  1. Highly Qualified Professionals
The leading hospitals and medical facilities at India have only achieved the highest and world-class standards but also the professionals working in. Our surgeons, physicians and nurses have been trained meticulously to the highest levels while many specialists have conducted research at the world’s best medical institutes. Many Indian surgeons and doctors are practicing in India as well as they are visiting faculty for countries like the USA, UK, etc. Most surgeons and doctors at Indian hospitals are certified by American Board which signifies higher standards, better care and precision. 

  1. Speak Your Language
The Hospitals of India feature a 24-hour nursing care and staff are experienced to assist foreign patients with over 30 hospitals employing specialized English speaking staff since the language barrier is lower. Many of them also provide translators in a wide variety of foreign languages including German, Arabic, Pushtu, Russian, Bengali, and Chinese and with multilingual interpreters hence you can rest assured that there are no language barriers.

  1. Offers Excellent Services
We are proud that our national character has won a well-deserved reputation for compassion and warm hospitality. We make our patients at much ease that they almost feel as a guest on holiday from the moment they arrive at the hospitals. Our services are excellent in the world and most patients and visitors are surprised to find Indian hospitals with coffee shops, restaurants and personalized room services not experienced elsewhere in the world. Our patients can also enjoy immaculate private rooms, room service including special cuisine, translation services and access to prayer facilities of their respective faith.

  1. Our Incredible Medical Technology is state-of-the-art
Our associated hospitals in India have state-of-the-art technology which helps us to provide the highest degree of medical treatment and service for the patients from across the globe.

To get your medical treatments at a relaxed environment in India, contact us at or call at +91-93711-36499.


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