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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Ovarian Cancer Treatment - What You Should Know?

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What is ovarian cancer?
Ovarian cancer treatment and surgery of India have cured numerous patients who are now leading a contended life. Ovarian cancer is that cancer that is seen in the ovaries. This cancer develops and multiplies in the ovary that is an important part of the female reproductive system. The ovaries are found in the pelvis on the either part of the uterus. Each ovary is about the size of an almond. The ovaries are responsible for the secretion of female hormones like estrogen and the progesterone. These ovaries also produce eggs into the fallopian tubes.

Types of ovarian cancer
Following are the main types of ovarian cancer:

  • Epithelial ovarian cancer: This kind of ovarian cancer has six sub categories. Every category is derived from a different type of tissue in the lower genital tract. 
  • Serous ovarian cancer: This form of cancer is present in 70% cases of ovarian cancer and is therefore the most common type of ovarian cancer. 
  • Mucinous ovarian cancer: This kind of cancer comprises 10% of ovarian cancer cases. This kind of cancer has the worse prognosis than serous tumors.
  • Endometrioid ovarian cancer: This kind of ovarian cancer hardly comprises 5% of cancer cases. This cancer is connected with the disease in the uterus and sometimes an ovary is found to be affected with endometrial cancer. 

What are the signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer?
Following are the signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer:

  1. Pain in the abdomen or pelvis along with heaviness
  2. Bloating
  3. Problems in eating and feeling full after eating a little food. 
  4. High frequency of urination
  5. Nausea
  6. Enhanced gas
  7. Lack of appetite
  8. Shortness of breath 
  9. Extreme fatigue

How is diagnosis of ovarian cancer done?
There is no early detection tool for ovarian cancer to relieve women, yet there are many tests that indicate the presence of ovarian cancer. If a woman has ovarian cancer symptoms due to hereditary of strong family history then the surgeons might monitor her with one of three tests.
Following are these tests:

  • Blood test: This test is also known as CA-125 blood test. It is a common test for detection of ovarian cancer. This test can be done if a woman displays strong symptoms of ovarian cancer or has already been diagnosed with ovarian cancer to determine how well the treatment is functioning.
  • Transvaginal ultrasound: A transvaginal ultrasound is a preliminary test that is used to examine the reproductive organs and the bladder of a woman. 
  • Pelvic exam: A pelvic exam is a part of the regular health examination of a female. A pelvic examination may reveal the presence of a mass of ovarian cancer. Ovarian cancer is hardly detected in a pelvic examination and is seen to be in its advanced stages. 

What are the surgeries to cure ovarian cancer: 
Following are the main surgeries to cure ovarian cancer:

  • Unilateral salpingo oophorectomy: This is a surgical procedure that is used for removal of one ovary and a single fallopian tube. 
  • Bilateral salpingo oophorectomy: This is a surgical procedure that is used to remove both the fallopian tubes and both the ovaries. 
  • Total hysterectomy: This is a surgical procedure in which the cervix, uterus and both the ovaries are removed. 
  • Omenectomy: This is a surgical procedure that is used to remove the omentum which is a tissue that is seen along the wall of the abdomen.
  • Tumor debulking: This is a surgical procedure in which as much cancer tumor is removed. 

What is the scope of ovarian cancer surgery in India
Ovarian cancer treatment and surgery in India has a great scope. Private state of art hospitals in India creates a setting with multiple advantages for your ovarian cancer surgery. It provides a ground breaking approach for ovarian cancer treatment, it also includes access to modern surgical approach and advanced diagnosis tools. The program of treating your ovarian cancer will begin at Indian surgery hospitals with the assessment of a trained paramedical team. Indian doctors work with you for establishment of the parameters of your current health condition; this will help to decide the course of treatment for you. Indian hospitals develop a special treatment plan that is created according to your needs and diagnosis. The ovarian cancer surgery hospitals in India have abundant of facilities of modern clinical care. They take care of their patients well. Above all the expenditure incurred on cancer surgery in India is affordable to the pockets of all patients. You will feel glad to get low cost  Ovarian Cancer Treatment and Surgery in India .

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