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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Hifu Cancer Treatment - What You Should Know?

What is HIFU?
If you are desirous of getting cured of prostate cancer then you can undergo low cost HIFU prostate cancer treatment at India.The term HIFU refers to “High Intensity Focused Ultrasound”. The most significant advantage of undergoing the procedure of HIFU treatment is that this surgical procedure is not so complicated. It is very easy to perform and does not show any side effects that are generally seen in traditional prostate cancer surgery. In this procedure of HIFU high intensity ultra sound waves are employed to destroy tumors seen in the prostate gland. 

How does HIFU treatment cure cancer of prostate gland?
HIFU heats and destroys the cells of cancer seen in the prostate gland. In this procedure ultra sound waves cross the walls of the rectum and enter the prostate gland. These waves focus themselves in a small area. The ultra sound energy heats the cells that are seen in the prostate gland. This kind of heat destroys the cancer cells that originate in the prostate gland. In the procedure of HIFU treatment the surgeon concentrates on treatment of the prostate gland and avoids treating other organs and tissues that surround the prostate gland.

Who is an eligible candidate for HIFU cancer surgery?
Following patients are eligible candidates for HIFU prostate cancer procedure:
  •  Patients who do not want to tolerate delay in their appointment to cure prostate cancer.
  •  Patients who know the purpose of HIFU treatment and do not wish to undergo therapies like radiation therapy and chemotherapy.
  •  Patients who can bear or tolerate the effect of anesthesia after catching the disease of prostate cancer.

How much success rate has been earned by HIFU treatment?
Clinical studies and researches prove that 90% of patients do not need any other surgery for prostate cancer treatment after undergoing HIFU treatment. This treatment has earned a high success rate just like the procedure of radical prostatectomy. It is beneficial like the usage of non invasive surgical technology.   

Benefits of HIFU treatment:   

Following are the chief benefits of HIFU treatment for prostate cancer:
  • There is no requirement of making incisions during this treatment. As a result there are no chances of skin infections.
  • More than 90% of patients get effective cure from the disease of prostate cancer after undergoing the procedure of HIFU treatment.
  • 3 After undergoing HIFU treatment the patients are allowed to return home on the very next day after the surgery.
Why come to India for HIFU treatment?
India is a recommended destination for getting HIFU prostate cancer treatment. Indian cancer surgery hospitals at Delhi and Mumbai are having all latest equipments that are required to cure prostate cancer through HIFU treatments. Here you will find a well trained paramedical staff that has fluent spoken English. Thus you can easily communicate with such a paramedical staff without and hindrance. The cancer surgeons providing treatment to the patients are well trained and experienced. They have the necessary qualifications that are needed by doctors to cure cases of cancer surgery. Above all the cost of HIFU treatment for prostate cancer is affordable to one’s pocket. You can know more in this concern by sending queries at . You can also make a phone call to us at +91 9371136499


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