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Friday, April 20, 2018

Availing Knee Replacement Surgery in India proving totally worth for Innumerable Medical Tourists

Knee Replacement Surgery in India
What is Knee Replacement?

Not all knee problems lead to a replacement; many knee problems can be addressed with the help of traditional treatment methodologies. But there are many knee diseases that bring more intense kind of damage, which need more invasive modes of treatment like a Knee Replacement. Problems like:
  • Injuries: Fractures, Torn Meniscus, Knee Bursitis, patellar Tendinitis
  • Mechanical problems: Dislocated Kneecap, Iliotibial Band Syndrome
  • Arthritic issues: Osteoarthritis, Gout, Septic Arthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Other issues like Patellofemoral pain syndrome, etc.

A number of factors can increase the risk of having knee problems:
  • Excess weight: Being obese or overweight can surely increase the stress that the knee has to go through; even while walking or using the stairs. Further, it puts the patients at an increased risk of facing an issue like Osteoarthritis, be leading to the breakdown of joint cartilage.
  • Lack of muscle strength and flexibility: Lack of strength and flexibility in muscles can be referred to as the leading causes of knee injuries. Tight or weak muscles reduce the amount of support that the knees get and this happens because these muscles are unable to tolerate the stress exerted on the joint.
  • Specific sports: There are sports that put greater amount of stress as compared to others.
  • Previous injury: If the patients have had any previous knee injury, then it makes the particular knee more vulnerable to future knee problems. 

What is the most common procedure for Knee Replacement?

If surgery is last resort left to eliminate the knee problem, then the following are the three best and most commonly availed options:
  1. Arthroscopic surgery: Depending on the injury, the doctor may evaluate and then suggest this procedure. This is a minimally invasive type of procedure, in which the surgeon uses highly specialized instruments that are passed via very small incisions and thus the joint damage is repaired. This surgery is also implemented to remove loose bodies from the knee joint, eliminate or correct damaged cartilage; especially if this is causing the knee to lock, as well as to reconstruct torn ligaments.
  2. Partial Knee Replacement surgery: Also known as Unicompartmental Arthroplasty, in this surgery, the surgeon replaces only the knee portion with maximum damage with artificial parts that are made of metal or plastic. The surgery can mostly be done through small incisions, so the patients heal faster as compared to the healing period of a Total Knee Replacement.
  3. Total Knee Replacement: In this procedure, the Orthopaedic specialist cuts and removes the damaged bone and cartilage from the thigh bone, shinbone and kneecap. Then, these removed sections are replaced with an artificial joint that is made up of metal alloys, polymers and high-grade plastics.
What is the average cost of knee replacement surgery in Delhi?

Delhi being the capital city of India, each and every sector in this city is highly established and up to the mark. More specifically, the healthcare system of this city is one of the most aptly functioning ones. This is why, Delhi is highly sought after in the matter of healthcare services. At the same time, despite being so developed, these services can be availed at very cost effective prices. Same applies to the treatment and surgery amenities related to Knee Replacement surgery India. Being one of the most frequently availed procedures, it is very crucial that it is available at affordable prices so that more and more patients can benefit. Thus, the cost of Knee Replacement surgery in Delhi, India is $6,600 while the same procedure costs about $35,000 is USA.

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