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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Dr. Mohamed Rela Offers Specialized Care For All Type of Liver Disease in India


Liver transplant, also referred to as hepatic transplantation, is the substitute of a diseased liver with a healthy liver allograft. As this is an organ transplant, this surgery is much more complicated than other forms. The donated liver may be from a donor who has recently died and has not had liver damage. This type of donor is called a deceased donor. Sometimes a healthy person will donate part of his or her liver to a patient. This kind of donor is called a living donor. 

Dr. Mohamed Rela- Where Your Life Matters for Lifesaving Liver Transplants

Dr. Mohamed Rela best liver transplant surgeon global hospital Chennai is dedicated towards providing services of the highest standard to patients who are in need of liver surgery or liver transplantation. Dr. Mohamed Rela liver transplant surgeon Chennai hopes to contribute to the growth of the specialty of HPB surgery and liver transplantation. He is the most experienced liver surgeon in India, having performed hundreds of liver transplants and liver surgeries. Dr. Mohamed Rela top liver transplant surgeon in India treats patients with liver disease and patients who have undergone liver transplants. He is a national leader in living donor liver transplantation. He treats both adults and children. The focus of Dr. Mohamed Rela is to provide the best possible care for his patients, regardless of disease stage. He is highly skilled in primary and secondary liver cancer treatment. Dr. Mohamed Rela works at Global Hospitals in Chennai specialists to transplant livers in patients with advanced cancers to extend their lives.

Dr. Mohamed Rela commitment to quality liver transplant surgery in India

Your safety is Dr. Mohamed Rela Director of liver transplant department global hospital priority. His goal is to make you feel safe and secure while you his patient. He assures a standard of quality care to his entire liver transplant patient. Dr. Mohamed Real’s undertaking is to promote and aid the health status of the community by providing and constantly improving the delivery of quality, innovative liver care services in a cost-effective way in India. Dr. Mohamed Rela dedicated to: Providing you with a safe, healthy and secure environment for liver transplant surgery using safe and effective practices and technologies in liver transplantation in India.Providing better quality care based on the unique needs of his international patients. Responding to your wants and needs in a timely manner. Ensuring timely communication between Dr. Mohamed Rela and patients by answering questions regarding your treatment and health, providing you with specific information about your care and explaining changes about your treatment.

Dr. Mohamed Rela is the best liver transplant resource in India

Dr. Mohamed Rela liver transplant doctors and surgeons use proven innovations to successfully treat people with liver failure and other complications of liver conditions. His vast knowledge with liver transplant, a fast-track restoration technique and multi organ transplants is part of why people turn to Dr. Mohamed Rela top liver transplant surgeon in India. He performs more than 300 liver transplants a year, including for people with very challenging health situations who need specialized solutions and surgeries. And he's leaders in living-donor liver transplants, an alternative that improves get access to transplantation and consequences in higher patient outcomes.

Why forerunners health care consultant

Upon contacting forerunners health care consultant, you will immediately be introduced to your dedicated patient care manager who will answer all of your questions and help you understand your options with our concierge-like guide through each step of your journey, from scheduling a consultation to remedy. We will help handle all the logistics of your care including scheduling, billing, and insurance. This way all you have to do is focus on your road to better health. We look forward to being a part of your liver transplant surgery success!

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