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Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Learn your Top Weight Loss Surgical Procedures: Benefits and Packages in India

Overview: Weight Loss Surgery

If an individual consumes high amount of fat and sugar content, but if all this consumption is not burned off by ample amount of physical exercise, then much of it is stored in the body as fat. This results in Obesity and it doesn’t happen overnight. It develops slowly over time due to poor dietary choices and reckless lifestyle and also brings along other health hazards like high Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Heart conditions, Joint issues and many other problems.

The Best Weight Loss Surgery Options depend on

Every type of Obesity surgery is beneficial in its own way and the results of these procedures vary from patient to patient. The weight loss surgeries depend on some crucial variables like age of the patient, medical history, current medical condition, if the patient will be able to withstand the surgery, the willingness of the patient to follow the post surgical restrictions and few other corrective measures to bring out the best of these Obesity procedures.

How much weight do you want to lose?

There are various types of Obesity procedures and which procedure your surgeons opts for you, majority of that depends on how much weight you want to lose. For example, patients who had Gastric Band surgery lost around 45 pounds and those who underwent Gastric Bypass lost approximately 90 pounds of weight. Some of these patients gained weight over time but the amount of weight gained was considerably much lesser as compared to what their initial weight was. 

The Obesity surgeons in India are highly adept while choosing the apt course of treatment for the patients and this has made weight loss surgery in India very feasible and the right choice for the medical tourists.

The three best and most effective Obesity procedures 

  1. Gastric Sleeve – In this procedure, more or less 80 percent of the stomach is separated and the remainder stomach portion is like a small pouch that is the new stomach, which can hold very limited amount of food, and this complete process leads to fewer intakes of calories. Studies show that this is an extremely effective procedure for weight loss and also helps in the reduction of Diabetes.
  2. Gastric Band – This procedure involves an inflatable band, which is positioned around the upper section of the stomach, which creates a small stomach pouch above the band, and the remaining stomach portion below the band. The feeling of fullness depends upon the size of the opening formed by the band, between the pouch and the remaining stomach area.
  3. Gastric Bypass – This procedure involves creating a little 15 to 20 cc pouch at the top of the stomach. Then, the small bowel is divided, the bilio-pancreatic limb is joined again to the small bowel and the other end is the joined to the pouch, creating the Roux limb. The small pouch discharges the food slowly, causing a sensation of fullness to the patients and thus encourages very little food intake. This results in long term weight loss up to 60 to 80 percent.

Why choose India for Weight Loss Surgery?

With every passing year, India’s popularity as a medical tourism destination is growing rapidly and the availability of a wide range of treatment for every medical condition is what is enhancing this reputation. This is in particular in the matter of weight loss surgery in India, which has proved beneficial for innumerable patients in getting rid of that excess and troublesome fat. The obesity surgeons of India are highly adept and much sought after for their capabilities. Further, the India Obesity hospitals are internationally reputed for the best amenities offered and the individualized attention and after cure. These hospitals have the latest techniques to deal with the most difficult Obesity condition. 

Also, these hospitals have the most reasonably priced packages of weight loss surgery in India, which make coming to India an extremely rewarding decision for these patients. For example, the Gastric Sleeve procedure in USA costs $16,500 whereas these patients can avail this for $6,000. Also, the cost of Gastric Bypass in USA is $25,000 while in India it is $7,000. Thus, the medical tourists are easily able to save a lot of money by availing Obesity treatment in India.

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