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Monday, October 2, 2017

Best Medical Tourism Packages for Oman Patients for Computer Assisted Spine Surgery in India

Overview: Computer assisted surgery

If you talk about Computer Assisted Spine Surgery in India, it can be called as one of the major breakthrough developments in the field of medical science. Thanks to the massive amount of advancements taking place in this domain. To precisely define the Computer Assisted Spine Surgery in India, it can be called as the array of techniques and methods that rely over the use of computer technology for pre-surgical planning along with implementing the surgical procedure without much of the human efforts. It falls under the robotic surgery fixing the spinal issues without much of the efforts of the medical professionals. Computer Assisted Spine Surgery in India attracts global patients far and wide including the ones from the country Oman.

Healthcare facilities at Oman for Computer Assisted surgery

Oman is found in Middle East with sizeable population and can be called as a developed state. It has a good healthcare infrastructure apart from the civil and other things. This has given good hospitals treating the patients with care and quality. However, it come along with a very high cost. They have to maintain the high standard along with roping in highly competitive doctors and surgeons who are skilled and work on higher salaries. Hence the global patients from this country prefer the  Computer Assisted Spine Surgery in India as they know that they can get highly affordable healthcare services, which even after adding the cost of visa and travel expenses will give them a better result.

Computer Assisted Surgery in India with Dheeraj Bojwani Group

Procedure for Computer assisted spine surgery

The Computer Assisted Spine Surgery in India employs intra-operative fluoroscopic imaging that helps in reconstructing the spinal anatomy with reference to fixed sensor arrays. With the initial imaging sequence, the infra-red sensor arrays are seen guiding the surgeon about the 3D anatomies allowing the screw trajectories are worked out without disrupting the key structures. During this high precise surgery, the computer guidance is seen improving upon the geometrical accuracy of the surgical gestures along with reducing the redundancy of the surgeon’s acts. This ends up significantly improving and enhancing the ergonomic inside the operating theater along with reducing the risk of having surgical issues and thus reduces the operating time.

Cost of Computer Assisted Spine Surgery in India

Now, talking about the cost of Computer Assisted spine Surgery in India, it is very much affordable as compared to the developed countries of the world. Indian hospitals with its state of art facilities are known to offer you very much affordable cost healthcare services, which is more than 80 percent lesser than the developed nations like the US or the UK. For instance, if you check the cost of computer assisted spine surgery in India, it can cost you around 9000 USD, while the same procedure can be carried out at the cost of around 61,000 USD.

Best Medical facilitator in India for Oman Patients

If you are keen to avail the benefits of computer assisted spine surgery in India, you can find it with the top medical tourism company only like Dheeraj Bojwani group. Some of their services for global patients from different countries like Oman can be clubbed as under:
  • Excellent quality of Healthcare services
  • Helping the patients with medical visa and accommodation
  • Giving the high quality and personalized treatments
  • Tailor made healthcare packages at the best hospital and seeking the best surgeon
  • Organizing the flight ticket bookings and visa of global patients from different countries including Oman

Why Oman Patients choose India for Computer Assisted Surgery?

There is no dearth of reasons to consider the Computer Assisted Spine Surgery in India for global patients coming from Oman and other places. They get high quality healthcare services at much of the affordable cost, which is not possible to get in developed nations. They get state of art facility hospitals which means they are being taken care by one of the most competitive team of doctors and surgeons that offer high quality healthcare services with care and compassion.
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